Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shop Launch

Mom's Advice Magazine is now launching our Shop, available through our website! This is a great way for moms to make a one-time stop if they are wanting to shop online as they browse Mom's Advice Magazine. This frees up your time and rids you of un-needed trips to other websites for multiple items.

We're now allowing businesses to start listing their items; Mom's Advice Magazine Shop is great because it's convenient and easy to get to. As a business, you will have the option to list as many items as you would like, with unlimited quantity. No more cut-offs or absolutes. Our Shop provides a way for you to market your business, whether it's a smaller home-based business or more expanded. Because Mom's Advice Magazine is already pre-marketed towards women and parenting, this gives you less headaches in trying to get the word out to a specific crowd, and it is also a great opportunity for moms who work from home and can't market as much as they would like. Our prices are very affordable and fit everyone's budget. Please email us for more info if you are interested in listing your items in our Shop:

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