Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Wee Can Too Edible Fingerpaint Tottle Set

Wee Can Too Edible Fingerpaint Tottle Set Review
As my daughter is entering into her toddler years she’s becoming more and more active. It’s hard to find anything that will keep her occupied for very long. I had thought about getting some type of craft or paint set for her, in hopes that she’d like it, but I was always worried that she’d eat it! She has a knack for wanting to taste everything that she plays with. Wee Can Too Edible Art Supply ( was an absolute life-saver. I was able to try out their edible fingerpaint tottle set both myself and with my daughter. The great thing is that the fingerpaint set is organic, vegan free without wheat, sugar and preservatives. There are 5 colors made from real fruit and vegetable powders:  blueberries for a lush purple/blue, beets for a bright red/pink, orange and yellow from pumpkin, and spinach for a realistic green. They’re extremely simple to use, all you have to do is add water and shake and you’re ready to go. It’s important to keep in mind that after you use the paints, you need to refrigerate them. I had forgotten to do so with one bottle and it got a little runny. Fingerpaint Tottle Set
Isn't our goofy painting beautiful?
My daughter loved playing with the tottle set, and I felt at ease with her using them because I didn’t have to worry about her licking her fingers or eating the paints—if she did (and of course she did try a few times), I was content with knowing that the paints were all natural and safe! What I really liked about Wee Can Too’s fingerpaints was that it was easy to clean off.  Gone were the days when I would have to scrub and slave over the table trying to get the paint to come off, or worse, live with a stained tabletop. The paint set had a slight stain to them (especially on our fingertips) after they were wiped off, but with a little soap, it washed out right away. I loved the fact that since the paints were edible neither of us had to worry about cleaning our fingers through to switch to a different color. It was as easy as licking our fingers.
My favorite color to paint with is the yellow; I can’t get over how bright and luminous the color is. I found that all of the colors in the set had a very nice glow to them, and seemed brighter than other fingerpaints that I had used before. Their consistency at first didn’t feel like other non-natural store brand fingerpaints (the tottle set is a little grainier) but don’t let that fool you! It dried absolutely the same as other store brands, and kept its bright luster. The painting set definitely went a long way and is still going a long way in use. I had first doubted how much I would get out of the set since not even half of the bottle was full, but after adding water, I was surprised at how much the mixture thickened and expanded. I would highly recommend that you add water, literally almost to the very top. At first I added water to only a little bit above the middle, but this wasn’t enough and the paints were a bit too thick and grainy. It was so convenient though to only have to add more water to even it out, and if the paints ever got too watery, I would merely let them sit and chill out in the fridge for a while. Before I knew it, the consistency had gotten thicker.
Overall, the Wee Can Too Edible Fingerpaint Tottle set was excellent, and I had fun using them just as much as my daughter. They’re safe, convenient, and clean.
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