Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Nap Cap Review

Adeline wearing the Baby Nap Cap!
Baby Nap Cap: What I love about the Baby Nap Cap, is that it doesn’t look or work like a contraption. When I read about a product and how it says that it promotes napping by blocking out distractions, and instead relax and calms my baby to regulate sleep, I immediately think “Whoa! This sounds awesome! So I just need a few plugs to hook it up and some extra space in that corner for this jig to fit in to… “ Thankfully with the Baby Nap Cap, it’s simple, it’s safe, it’s light, and it's great at blocking out distractions and the light so my baby can nap better.

I don’t have to worry about trying to get my baby to fit into some special baby bed or any of the likes—it’s as simple as putting a hat on their head that has a very soft visor. The Baby Nap Cap is a useful accessory for my baby, and I know I’ll be using it for quite a while. 
Make sure to check out the Baby Nap Cap's website!

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