Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boutique Product Placement

We are now starting a new section for product placement. We decided to do this because we as a magazine are here to help and support mompreneurs and growing businesses out there, as well as to connect you with moms and families that will appreciate your product! We are now helping small boutiques get a model, an ad, and great exposure, since we have a diverse group of mom fans that follow our magazine.  

How it works:
1) We will give you an address of a model that you will send your product to
2) She or he, depending on what the product is, will get photos taken wearing your product
3) They will mail the photos back to us and we will chose which photos we are able to use

What you are getting out of this:
1) We will email you back over in high resolution, 5 photos that you will be able to use for advertisement
 2) A 1/2 page ad will be used for our fall or winter issue, depending on how soon you decide to work with us. We will add your website and logo to the photo, so please make sure to include that information in your email to us.

In order to participate, the fee is 20.00 dollars and the model must be allowed to keep the product. Let me know if this is something you are interested in so we can get your product out ASAP to the model and they can get the photos back in time.

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